Chemical Commodities, Inc. Superfund Site, Olathe, KS

Site Location

320 South Blake in Olathe, Kansas

Site Description

The Chemical Commodities, Inc. (CCI) site occupies approximately 1.5 acres in central Olathe, a suburban community of Kansas City. The site is bounded to the east by the Burlington-Northern railroad right-of-way, to the south by a vacant lot, and to the west and north by single-family residences. Land use in the area is primarily commercial and residential. CCI is an inactive chemical recycling facility which handled, stored, repackaged, and distributed a variety of chemicals, including surplus industrial and laboratory chemicals, hazardous substances, and hazardous wastes. CCI operated at the site from 1951 until 1989.

Organization Requesting Assistance

Chemical Commodities, Inc. Citizens Advisory Group (CAG)

  • Go to the CAG Web page, includes additional publications and information on contaminant levels. This Web page is updated periodically as a courtesy to the CCI CAG.

Beginning Date of Assistance


Summary of TOSC Assistance

TOSC has been providing technical assistance to the CAG since 2003. Asistance includes:

  • Reviewing and providing summaries and explanations of technical information,
  • Meeting with the CAG and other stakeholders to discuss reports and documents, and
  • Helping the community to develop a consensus-based vision for future use of the site.



NOTE:  The EPA TOSC and TOSNAC programs have ended. Communities seeking technical assistance should contact:

- Belinda Young in EPA Region 7’s office (for help in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, or Iowa) at 913-551-7463 and;

- Briana Bill in EPA Region 5’s office (for help in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio) at 312-353-6646 and; or

- Karen Martin at EPA Headquarters at 703-603-9925,; or

TOSC Information Contacts

Terrie Boguski
Center for Hazardous Substance Research
104 Ward Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506-2502

Voice: 913.780.3328
Fax: 785.532.5985