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Some of the events below are sponsored by the Center for Hazardous Substance Research, while others are simply related to the field of work done by the organization. Got an upcoming conference or workshop you think should be here? Tell us

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Feb.15, Samuel Brinton, 1109 Engineering: 4 PM, Amidst The Glow of Nuclear Waste Policy

February 12, 2016: 2015 Paris Climate Conference: K-State participant Bimal Paul to share, 10 AM KSSUnion Room 227. Bimal Paul, professor of geography, served as an official representative of Bangladesh at the recent 2015 Paris Climate Conference in Paris, UNFCCC COP21. The K-State Climate Change Interest Group invites anyone interested to join a discussion with Paul. The 2015 Paris Climate Conference, reached a landmark accord on an issue that has foiled decades of international efforts to address climate change. The 195 nations that participated in the COP21 agreed to keep global warming below 20 C or 3.60 F from pre-industrial time. This presentation will begin with providing background and organization of the Conferences of the Parties, COPs, followed by Paul's personal impressions of the processes behind the scenes. The presentation will conclude with a critical overview of the outcomes of Paris Climate Conference.

June 22-25, 2016 Urban Food System Symposium, K-State Olathe campus, Kansas City. Our goal is to bring together a national and international audience of academic and research-oriented professionals to share and gain knowledge on urban food systems and the role they play in global food security. This symposium includes knowledge on: urban agricultural production, local food systems distribution, urban farmer education, urban ag policy, planning and development, food access and justice, and food sovereignty. The Symposium is a partnership between the Kansas State University Global Food Systems Initiative and Cultivate Kansas City, a non-for-profit dedicated organization that grows food, farms, and community in support of a sustainable, healthy, and local food system in greater Kansas City.


Konza Prairie: Five miles south of Manhattan and set in the scenic Flint Hills, the Konza Prairie is 3,487-hectare of untouched native Tallgrass prairie.

Flint Hills Discovery Center: The Flint Hills Discovery Center is a dynamic tribute to the Tallgrass Prairie and the Flint Hills that surround Manhattan. With more than 7,000 square feet of exhibit space, visitors explore how settlers and pioneers encountered shallow soils, forcing them to create new uses for a new land. Guests partake in the immersive exhibit experience, visit the gift shop, or take in a panoramic view of downtown Manhattan from the outdoor terraces.

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