57th and North Broadway Superfund Site

Site Overview

Site Location

57th and North Broadway, Wichita, Kansas

Site Description

In-well vapor extraction test well for cleanup of contaminated groundwater at the 57th & N. Broadway Superfund Site, pictured aboveThis area was first identified in 1983 as a possible contaminated site due to concerns by local residents about drinking water quality. It was listed on the National Priorities List (NPL) in 1992. Chlorinated and volatile organic compounds have been found in the groundwater. The Record of Decision or ROD was sign in 1999 which specifies EPA’s determination of cleanup actions, management, and monitoring of the site. The first 5 year review was accomplished in 2004.

Organization Requesting Assistance

Community Advisory Group (CAG)

Beginning Date of Assistance

Fall 1997

Summary of TOSC Assistance

A Letter of Intent for technical assistance, a number of site visits, technical presentations, and technical document reviews have been completed for this site. Presentation topics included contaminant fate and transport in groundwater, health risks of TCE-related compounds, and phytoremediation and other remediation technologies. Literature was provided to community members on in-well treatment technologies. Technical reviews were completed for Site Investigation and Cleanup Feasibility Studies. TOSC also assisted with review of the Proposed Plan and helped with preparation of the CAG public comments. TOSC has remained available as needed to assist with technical issues that arise during site cleanup.


NOTE:  The EPA TOSC and TOSNAC programs have ended. Communities seeking technical assistance should contact:


- Belinda Young in EPA Region 7’s office (for help in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, or Iowa) at 913-551-7463 and Young.Belinda@epa.gov;


- Briana Bill in EPA Region 5’s office (for help in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio) at 312-353-6646 and Bill.Briana@epa.gov; or


- Karen Martin at EPA Headquarters at 703-603-9925, Martin.Karenl@epa.gov; or


- EPA personnel identified at the bottom of the TOSC Information Contacts below:

TOSC Project Managers

Peter Kulakow
(Previously of K-State)

Dee Stewart

57th and North Broadway CAG

Park City, KS

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