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Engineering Student Council


"I speak for all members of Engineering Student Council’s Executive Board when I say we are honored to be representing the engineering student body. This is an exciting time for our college and we are proud to be a part of it.
"ESC is looking forward to sponsoring a wide variety of events this year, so be sure to stay in the know by following us on Twitter at @ksu_esc. We also function as a liaison between engineering students and our administration, provide updates and information on student organizations, and strive to keep you up-to-date on all things K-State Engineering. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions.

"Go ‘Cats!"

- Ryan Pachta, President of ESC (2015-2016)


Engineering Student Council is a student organization completely dedicated to increasing student involvement in the College of Engineering. This is accomplished in many ways, such as:

  • Arranging and hosting social, educational, career, and service activities for Engineering students throughout the year
  • Facilitating All Council meetings to encourage communication between the student body and the College of Engineering
  • Connecting students to potential internship and career opportunities through industry events
  • Providing support, funding, and awards to outstanding student organizations

ESC is making strides to innovate and add more services! Read below for more information on our sub-committees, or check out our home page to read about our current news and initiatives. See the Events page for upcoming activity dates and information.

Have questions about ESC? Contact us and we'll do our best to answer them!

Executive Board

Executive Board is the primary division of ESC responsible for coordinating major annual all-college activities for Engineering students. This includes All Council meetings, E-Week, and more. Our year is spent in close collaboration with the office of the Dean of Engineering, regular college sponsors, event vendors, student organizations, and the Engineering student body at large.

Each member of the Executive Board is responsible for a different aspect of ESC's duties. Though positions may fluctuate from year to year, they generally include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Director of Records (Secretary)
  • Director of Publicity (Advertising)
  • Director of Online Media (Webmaster)
  • Director of Public Relations (Liaison for K-State)
  • Director of Outreach (Liaison for External Entities)
  • Director of College Events
  • LIFE Coordinator (over LIFE Committee; usually two positions)

As a member of the Executive Board, you will have the opportunity to work with a highly effective team, help oversee and manage facets of large projects, and regularly contribute to the College of Engineering in a meaningful way. Join ESC, have great fun, and emerge as a leader!

Leaders in Freshman Engineering (LIFE) Committee

LIFE Committee is a division of Engineering Student Council (ESC) that provides exciting leadership opportunities to freshman. With the guidance of senior Engineering students, we spend the year learning how to plan events and communicate with administrators, industries, and students.

To start our year, we divide into groups and are required to have a "project". Each project is a social function or activity whose goal is to interest and retain students in the College of Engineering. We handle everything from inventing the event to planning and executing it!

What are the benefits of LIFE? As a Leader in Freshman Engineering you will gain many unique skills that your colleagues at K-State will not possess. Since you are solely responsible for forging and coordinating your event, you will quickly learn how to organize assets, publicize an event, work with a budget (each event is providing funding), and taste success!

Did you know?

The Engineering Student Council was originally established in 1921.

Since its inception, ESC has supported and participated in a wide variety of activities! A few examples include the Engineering Career Fair, College of Engineering New Student Welcome, and Seaton Society Banquet and Ball.

If you have ideas for new partnerships, services, or activities through ESC, contact us! We would love to hear from you.