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Office of Engineering Research and Graduate Programs

Engineering Research and Graduate Programs (ERGP)
Kansas State University
College of Engineering
1042 Rathbone Hall
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Welcome to the Engineering Research and Graduate Programs (ERGP) website. We are happy to assist you in discovering more about the research and graduate programs at Kansas State’s College of Engineering. The ERGP office is actively working to achieve K-State 2025 goals in areas of research, graduate programs, distance education and safety.

The College of Engineering has vibrant research and graduate programs. In fiscal year 2015, the College of Engineering expended nearly $28 million in external funds in support of research projects. Faculty and staff currently collaborate with government agencies, state agencies, industry and other educational partners in order to advance research, scholarly activities, engineering science and discovery. Faculty members are active in presenting and publishing their research activities, as well as advancing graduate and undergraduate students in technical skills of research.

The college has numerous research centers, groups, laboratories, institutes and programs, as well as multidisciplinary efforts within engineering and other colleges and universities around the world. The college has outstanding research programs related to energy, human health, infrastructure and information technology.

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