Open House

The College of Engineering (in partnership with Steel Ring) hosts its own Open House during the university-wide Open House events each year. For visitors, this event is an excellent way to discover K-State's wealth of academic and professional opportunities, learn about engineering through displays and hands-on activities, and network with members of our community.

Steel Ring is pleased to announce the
96th Annual K-State Engineering Open House: Engineer Your Own Adventure!

More information regarding this year's open house will be coming soon.


Last year's event was themed "Engineered to Inspire" and held March 31 through April 1, 2017. 


Past Themes

2017: Engineered to Inspire

2016: Purple Today for a Green Tomorrow

2015: Expand Your Possibilities

2014: Build Your Creativity

2013: Empowering Students to Impact Our Future

2012: The Legend lives on

2011: Pushing the Limits

2010: Question the past, Power the future

2009: Engineering a World of Possibilities

2008: Today’s Ideas, Tomorrow’s Reality

2007: Engineering: Better, Smarter, Faster, Stronger

2006: Path of Innovation



2003: Making Tomorrow Possible


2001: Designed to Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

2000: Gateway to the Millennium

1999: Deriving the Future by Integrating the Past

1998: Today’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality

1997: Gateway to the Future

1996: A World Without Boundaries

1995: Unleash the Potential

1994: Engineering Evolution: Fire to Fusion

1993: Imagineering: Realizing a Vision

1992: Engineering Expedition: Preserving our Planet

1991: Engineering Odyssey: 1991 and Beyond

1990: Nineties Engineering: A Decade for Advancement