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Chemical Spill

Report all spills immediately to Public Safety by calling 911 or 785-532-6412.

All emergency operations shall be conducted in accordance with the following 10-step incident management procedure:

  1. Isolate area/deny entry
  2. Identify material(s)
  3. Evaluate hazards and risks
  4. Choose protective clothing/equipment
  5. Coordinate information/resources
  6. Control and confine product/material
  7. Clean up spilled product
  8. Decontaminate
  9. Return area to service
  10. Terminate (debrief/document/critique)

All hazardous material responses are considered high risk until confirmed otherwise.

Chemical spills are divided into three categories:

CategorySpill SizeSpill Responder
  • Less than nine inches in diameter
  • Mercury spills that personnel feel they can adequately clean up without EH&S assistance
 Personnel who caused the spill, or by safety personnel designated within that department
  • Equals or exceeds nine inches in diameter, but less than five feet
  • Mercury spills that personnel do NOT feel they can clean up on their own
  • Equal to or greater than five feet in diameter and any “running” spill where the source of the spill has not been contained or flow has not been stopped
  • Mercury spills that personnel do NOT feel they can clean up on their own