Some great benefits of IIE are a free subscription to Industrial Engineer Magazine, eligibility to attend IIE events like Mentor Day and the Regional Paper Conference, eligibility to receive benefits from IIE appreciation events and eligibility to participate in KSU IIE activities such as our fall tailgate and general body meetings. could win up to $250 by applying for the Hardcharger Award!

The IIE Hardcharger Awards are given to three eligible individuals who, at the annual IMSE Department Banquet (April 2016), participated most actively in IIE related activities.

      -Student enrolled in IMSE curriculum
      -Member of IIE
Three awards will be given out:
         Alpha award (most points)
         Beta award (second most points)
         Gamma award (third most points)
At least one award must go to a member of IIE who is not an officer.


  • Give a presentation in a IIE Conference.
    • 10 pts
  • Participate in a IIE Conference.
    • 10 pts
  • Present Poster at Colloquium
    • 10 pts
  • Attend the Washington Internship for Students in Engineering intern program.
    • 6 pts
  • Act as an officer in any engineering organization.
    • One Engineering Organization – 6 pts
    • Additional Engineering Organizations – 3 pts
  • Participate in Open House.
    • IIE Open House Chairperson – 8 pts
    • Committee Chairperson – 6 pts
    • Present Research Poster - 5 pts
    • Participate in one committee – 4 pts
    • Participate on each additional committee -2 pts
  • Act as a member of Steel Ring
    • 3 pts
  • Participate in IIE fund-raisers.
    • 4 pts
  • Promote IIE by coming up with a quality idea and submitting it in writing (i.e. sweatshirt design, float ideas, etc.).
    • 5 pts

Submit all points to

How to Join

To join IIE, pick up an application in the IMSE Library or IMSE Office OR apply online.

Current Members

Nibal Albashabsheh
Ian B Alter
John M. Augustine
Aram Bahrini
Emily M. Bailey
Daniel W Baker
Jackson P Bever
Isaac Braun
Camille D Brown
Neysa D. Carlson
Derek W. Christensen
Curtis Cline
Luis A. Coca Urdanivia
Carolyn G Countess
Allyson E Day
Gabrielle R Dellinger
Eric L Deters
Larissa M. Dettmer
Catherine A Dunn
Jacob A English
David L Ewers
Andrew Ewing
Courtney Faucett
Hannah Frith
Cameron J Garwood
Edward M Genovese
Eric D Gessler
Katie C Gnagi
Lyndsie C Graham
Delilah M. Griebel
MaryLynn Griebel
Cassidy Harper
Rachel Hayes
Abigail F. Hilliard
Brendon M Hutley
Rachel R Kamm
Alanna Kelly
Siim Koppel
Kristina M. Ladner
Gabrielle C. Lobo
Derek B Mahoney
Amanda Malecki
Behnam Malmir
Zachary B. May
Derek Meier
Sarah E. Newell
Jessica M Nicholson
David M Nuss
Chenna J Padmanabhan
Sarah K Peterson
Brett A Phillippe
Jake B. Phillips
Jillian Prather
Amy E Prieb
Anna E Pyle
Adam J. Ronnebaum
Emily A Schneider
Kylie S Schultz
Jeremy B. Selley
Marzieh Soltanolkottabi
Marisa Ann Sotelo
Reid A Sutherland
Alonso Talamantes
Lauren M. Teschner
Wyatt VanDePol
Kara L Veith
Lucas G. Verschelden
Fabio Vitor
Laurin A Wagner
Rachael E Walker
Hannah E. Wilborn
Daniel P Worthington
Jessica M Zidek