Consider a Career

Engineering and computer & construction science careers involve the application of science and technology to develop new products and solve real-life problems.  The information below is designed to show you how knowledge, skill, and imagination work together in engineering applications that affect you, your friends, and your family.  Engineers are team players and leaders who are willing to accept responsibility.  Engineers work in hundreds of different types of jobs.  The majority of these jobs begin with a technical focus and lead to a career in management. 




►Research and Development: Engineering begins with an idea, a response to an opportunity or a problem. Engineers at work in research and development may be employees of research institutes, private industry, national laboratories, or governmental agencies.

►Design and Construction: During a project's design and construction phase, engineers produce drawings and specifications that determine its final form and function. These professionals work in such specialized careers such as structural, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and environmental engineering.

►Manufacturing and Sales: Engineers work as part of a team involving representatives from operations, marketing, and sales. The automotive, aeronautical, computer, electronics, and food and beverage industries employ thousands of engineers in these sorts of applications.

►Service and Operation: Engineers are involved in the service and operation of complex systems - systems involving refineries, public utilitites, electrical generating stations of telephone and satellite communication systems demanded by a global marketplace.

►Education and Other Professions: Many engineering students pursue graduate degrees leading to teaching and research positions in colleges and universities. Many others use the analytical and problem-solving skills learned in engineering classes to lead them into careers in medicine, biotechnology, law, computer sciences, business administration, and management.

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