Scholars Assisting Scholars (SAS) Tutoring


SAS Tutoring Schedules

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SAS is located in Fiedler Library (1093 Fiedler Hall) and the north and south west sides of the library.

Tutor schedules are updated for the spring semester!

Please SIGN-IN to the sign-in books

located at each table in the tutoring center

every time you visit SAS tutoring!      



      Spring 2015 SAS Schedules

Weekly Tutor Schedules

Schedules for each week will be the same as the week shown in these schedules.

The courses below are tutored in Fiedler Library.

CHM 210

CHM 230

MATH 220

MATH 221

MATH 222

MATH 240

CIS 209

PHYS 213

PHYS 214

ME 512

ME 513

SAS Review Sessions