Retention, Diversity, and Inclusion: Helping K-State Engineers Succeed

The mission of the Office of Retention, Diversity, and Inclusion, RDI, in the Kansas State University College of Engineering is to provide a successful learning experience for all students.

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The RDI team: Assistant Dean Bette Grauer, Retention Coordinator Jennifer Thornburg, Outreach Coordinator Sujatha Prakash, Director of Multicultural Engineering Program LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin


Need help? Contact Jennifer Thornburg, in 1111 Engineering Hall, or come to the Student Services Office, 1093 Fiedler Hall, and ask for Assistant Dean Grauer.

Want to teach engineering to middle and high school students? Contact Sujatha Prakash in 1056 Rathbone Hall.

Want to get involved in the Multicultural Engineering Program? Contact LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin in 1056 Rathbone Hall.


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Staying Power: What's Your Engineering Degree Worth?

Educators have been able, with certainty, to tell students that a college degree is worth the time and effort. Over a lifetime, a graduate with a bachelor’s degree is expected to earn 84% more than a non-graduate. But just how much is an engineering degree worth? Is it truly worth all the hard work and effort required, not to mention the expense? The answer is a definite yes, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.



Median Salary

Top 10%

Agricultural Engineering



Civil Engineering



Chemical Engineering



Computer Engineering



Industrial Engineering



Mechanical Engineering



Electrical Engineering




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