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Nathan Undergraduate Research Experience Award

2017 Nathan Winners

 From left to right: Audrey Anderson, Chemical Engineering; Associate Dean Ronaldo Maghirang;
Berkley White, Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Raj and Diana Nathan Undergraduate Research Experience Award

Departmental Deadline:  March 30 of every year

College Deadline:  April 13 of every year

Through a fund provided by Raj and Diana Nathan, the College of Engineering is able to provide an annual research experience award in the amount of $5,000 for a College of Engineering undergraduate student at the junior or senior level. The purpose of the award is to provide a meaningful research experience for the recipient. The funds are designated to support the activities of the selected student and may be paid to the student as an hourly student wage. The award may be used over a period of one year from the date of the award. The funds may not be used to support work on a funded project or for other activities which they would otherwise be paid. The award should be used for an independent project or an expansion of a funded research project.

Each academic department may submit one proposal which is limited to a two page form and a one page letter from the faculty research advisor.  The selection process within the department is at the discretion of the department head.  A fully engaged faculty member to supervise the student’s experience is very important and the department head when recommending a proposal should consider this. 

Questions should be sent to ergp@k-state.edu; nomination form is available here.