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Robert I‐Jen and Sophia Shui‐Kan Jung Graduate Scholarship in Engineering for New Students

Jung Graduate Scholarship Recipients

From left to right: Associate Dean Ronaldo Maghirang; Huan Wang, Chemical Engineering; Qihui Yang and Wenji Zhang, both of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Xingdong Wu, Civil Engineering

If you are a current, previously awarded, K-State engineering student applying for the next academic year's award, please see the Jung Graduate Scholarship in Engineering for Returning Students

DONOR: This scholarship was established by Robert I‐Jen (’68, MSME) and Sophia Shui‐Kan Jung to support Kansas State University, the College of Engineering and graduate students. 

PURPOSE: This graduate scholarship recognizes outstanding engineering students from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Republic of China (ROC). This scholarship is a supplemental scholarship with an award level of $6,000 per year for doctorate students and $3,000 per year for master's students.

ELIGIBILITY: An applicant for this scholarship must be an admitted student within a College of Engineering on‐campus graduate program. Master’s degree students must be in the thesis option. Recipients of this scholarship must be citizens from the PRC or ROC. The scholarship is for one year and can be renewed once during a degree program. Scholarship recipients will need to reapply for the second year of the scholarship. Recipients of a College of Engineering Ph.D. Fellowship are not eligible to receive a Jung Graduate Scholarship during the same academic year.

TIMELINE: Nominations for this scholarship will be collected in the spring of each year. The selection process will be completed by March 1st. Funds will be awarded starting in the fall semester for the following academic year.

SUBMISSION OF NOMINATION MATERIALS: The materials noted below should be submitted in PDF format to ergp@k-state.edu by February 1.
1. Jung Graduate Scholarship in Engineering application form
2. Curriculum vita including academic history, publications, presentations, awards and honors, professional services and professional experiences