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Office of Engineering Research and Graduate Programs

Engineering Research and Graduate Programs
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General Faculty Development

ERGP sponsors professional development events throughout the year to help faculty advance their research portfolios. Additionally, the Dean’s Office encourages engineering faculty and staff to take advantage of activities offered by groups on campus, such as the Office of Research DevelopmentKansas State University Research Foundation and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

College of Engineering/Global Campus Distance Education Professional Development Travel Award

K-State Global Campus and the College of Engineering have teamed up to provide professional development opportunities through a travel award for TWO engineering faculty members to attend a conference specializing in teaching distance education.

Purpose: To enhance and improve teaching of online engineering courses by providing the opportunity for learning about state-of-the-art tools, software, and techniques as well as the opportunity to experience best practice networking.

Please see the travel award webpage for more details.

Research Related Lectures

Jefferson Science Fellowship Seminar
November 5, 2015
Dr. Anil Pahwa focuses on policy partnership efforts worldwide to meet the challenge of electrical energy needs of the people in a sustainable manner. He also talks about his personal experiences of living in Washington, D.C., and working in the U.S. Department of State for a year during his 2014 Jefferson Science Fellowship.

Spring 2015 Research Meetings for Faculty

Research Collaboration Opportunities
April 30, 2015
This panel presentation will focus on how faculty can become more involved and potentially collaborate on research proposals with K-State centers and institutes. Panelists will be Ron Trewyn, university liaison to the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility (NBAF); Stephen Higgs, director of the Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI) and university distinguished professor; Nancy Monteiro-Riviere, director of the Nanotechnology Innovation Center of Kansas State (NICKS) and university distinguished professor; and Jim Riviere, director of the Institute for Computational Comparative Medicine (ICCM) and university distinguished professor.

NBAF presentation slides
NICKS presentation slides
ICCM presentation slides

Interdisciplinary Opportunities through Engineering Centers and Institutes - Part 2

March 5, 2015
Learn about four additional centers and groups within the College of Engineering that provide opportunities for research collaboration.  Panelists were Larry Erickson, Center for Hazardous Substance Research(CHSR); Mary Rezac, Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE); Steve Eckels, Institute for Environmental Research (IER); and Bruce Snead. Engineering Extension. 

Meeting Video

Fall 2014 Research Meetings for Faculty

Interdisciplinary Opportunities through Engineering Centers and Institutes – Part 1: AMI, NGML & Concrete Structures Research
November 13, 2014
Ever wonder what these acronyms: AMI, NGML or CISL mean or how to get involved with research labs across the college? Learn about four centers and groups within the College of Engineering that provide opportunities for research collaboration. Panelists: Brad Kramer, Jeff Tucker and Taylor Jones, Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI); Byron Jones, National Gas Machinery Laboratory (NGML); and Bob Peterman, Concrete Structures Research.

Meeting Video

Campus Resources 2014 for Intellectual Property and Patent Activity
October 7, 2014
Representatives from KSUIC and KSURF provided overview of K-State's IP and patent processes and successes. Three engineering faculty and staff: Peter Pfromm, Gurpreet Singh and Tim Sobering will share their stories of interactions and IP and patent activities. See the video link below.

Meeting Video

Navigating the IP & Patent Process at K-State
Glasscock Engineering Faculty Presentation
Research Overview