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2016 College of Engineering FES Submissions

Below is a list of all College of Engineering FES submission for 2016.

Chemical Engineering

Jim Edgar - Aluminum Nitride for High-Power Electronics and Ultraviolet LEDs

Civil Engineering

Robert Peterman - Center for Rail Infrastructure Durability and Sustainability

Dave Steward - Groundwater and Society: Developing Technologies to Conserve the Ogallala Aquifer

Computer Science

Daniel Andresen - Data Analytics Institute: A center of excellence for large-scale inference and computation in business, engineering, science and education

Eugene Vasserman - National Center for Information and Systems Assurance

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Don Gruenbacher / Caterina Scoglio - Networking, Security and Resiliency for Critical Infrastructures

Anil Pahwa - Large-Scale Integration of Clean Technologies in the Power Grid

Caterina Scoglio - EPICENTER: Laboratory for a network science approach to predict and control the spread of infectious diseases

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Brad Kramer - The ALPHA Lab: An Innovation Accelerator Core Facility

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Byron Jones - 21st Century Technology for Legacy Engines

Douglas McGregor - Nuclear Radiation Detector and Systems Development