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Robert R. and Lila L. Snell Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award

This award, established by the Snells, is awarded to a full professor with at least 15 years of experience at K-State. It is truly a career achievement award.  The Honors and Awards Committee makes the selection based on the following criteria:

  1. Feedback from alumni (not more than four references).
  2. Recognized innovation in teaching.
  3. Course and curriculum upgrades.
  4. Outstanding long-term student evaluations.
  5. Recommendations by peers (not more than four references).
  6. Demonstrated participation in regional and national conferences.

Nominations are made by the department head, with supporting letters from at least two full professors, or by four full professors (at least one from another department).

Current Recipient

Anil PahwaAnil Pahwa, ECE, 2017

This year’s recipient is Dr. Anil Pahwa, university distinguished professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering.

  • Pahwa has been a faculty member in electrical and computer engineering department at Kansas State University since 1983. 
  • Over the last 33 years, Pahwa has consistently collaborated with industry professionals to design practical projects for his classes.

Comments from students and colleagues:

  • "A testimony of his leadership is how the power area at K-State electrical engineering has remained consistently strong over this period. Since 1997, the power area has consistently been our strongest area, with over 50% of our electrical engineering undergraduates choosing to specialize in power systems."
  • "Dr. Pahwa is very well respected and his teaching is very much appreciated by the students. His involvement with various student organizations, namely “Engineers Without Borders”, has developed his one-to-one contact with student that will last for life."
  • "His vision for what could be possible at K-State and his tireless efforts in developing the Power Program gave promise to me and to the hundreds of engineering graduates and their future careers as engineers in the power industry."

Past Recipients

John J. Devore, ECE, 2016
Ronaldo G. Maghirang, BAE, 2015
Mo Hosni, MNE, 2014
Hani Melhem, CE, 2013
David L. Soldan, ECE, 2012
Charles Burton, ARE/CNS, 2011
Jim Goddard, ARE/CNS, 2010
Don Lenhert, ECE, 2009
Terry Beck, MNE, 2008
Naiqian Zhang, BAE, 2007
J. Garth Thompson, MNE, 2006
Medhat M. Morcos, EECE, 2005
J. Kenneth Shultis, MNE, 2004
Richard R. Gallagher, EECE, 2003
N. Dean Eckhoff, MNE, 2002
Charles R. Bissey, ARE/CNS, 2001
Donald R. Hummels, EECE, 2000
Larry A. Glasgow, CHE, 1999
Do Sup Chung, BAE, 1998