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Frankenhoff Outstanding Research Award

The Frankenhoff Outstanding Research award is based upon research accomplishments during the past five years. Selection criteria include the following:

  • Success in obtaining competitive funding and completion of research
  • Commitment to graduate education
  • Dissemination of research results through publications, presentations, patents, software and other means
  • Research leadership such as national recognitions and organizing research teams

Current Recipients

Photo of Robert J. Peterman

Robert Peterman, CE, 2016

Dr. Robert Peterman is a professor in the department of civil engineering. 

  • Dr. Peterman’s primary research focus has been on the ability to determine the transfer length (TL) in pre-tensioned pre-stressed concrete members to ensure the safety of the built infrastructure.
  • His biggest research contribution during the last five years has been to lead a multi-disciplinary research team that has generated the fundamental knowledge and developed inspection tools that enable both the quality control and quality assurance of bond-critical pre-stressed concrete members.

Photo of Caterina Scoglio

Caterina Scoglio, ECE, 2016

Dr. Caterina Scoglio is a professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering. 

  • Dr. Scoglio’s research focuses on developing network-based technology and tools in several fields.
  • Dr. Scoglio’s major accomplishments include developing theoretical models for spreading processes on complex networks; developing the Generalized Epidemic Model Framework software tool for the simulation of spreading processes; applying models and tools developed by her team to human and animal infectious diseases; developing models of protein corona formation in nanoparticles validated by experimental data; and developing network architectures and protocols for secure communication in smart grids.

Past Recipients

Donghai Wang, BAE, 2015
David Steward, CE, 2014
Xinming (Simon) Ou, CIS 2013
Anil Pahwa, ECE, 2012
Scott DeLoach, CIS, 2011
Mary E. Rezac, CHE, 2010
Donghai Wang, BAE, 2009
Zhijian Pei, IMSE, 2008
Gurdip Singh, CIS, 2007
Douglas S. McGregor, MNE, 2006
Ronaldo G. Maghirang, BAE, 2005
John M. Hatcliff, CIS, 2004
Larry E. Erickson, CHE, 2003
Lakshmi N. Reddi, CE, 2002
Mohammad H. Hosni, MNE, 2001
Matthew B. Dwyer, CIS, 2000
James H. Edgar, CHE, 1998
David A. Schmidt, CIS, 1997
Byron W. Jones, ME, 1996
L. T. Fan, CHE, 1995