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About Steel Bridge

Every year our team of students constructs a 1/10th scale steel bridge. The entire project is managed by students who do not receive any school class credit or scholarships in return; however, a great deal of knowledge and experience is gained by everyone involved. The team is comprised of determined and eager students who want to become involved in a competitive design-build project. From concept to competition, all tasks are performed by members of the team, including designing, optimizing, drawing, detailing, locating and ordering material, fabricating, painting, assembling, and competing.

Most of the following information was obtained from the official steel bridge rules: HERE

Why Join?

Joining the Steel Bridge Team has many benefits. Many freshmen have learned engineering concepts by fabricating and building the bridge before they have even taken the related classes. Every year, team members learn how to model the actual bridge, which is being built, and help to finalize steel sizes. This process gives each team member a better understanding of how the bridge is going to be constructed. Therefore, during fabrication, the team members can participate and give input in the decision-making of the final product.  During the fabrication phase, team members have the opportunity to learn how to use shop machinery and participate in the construction process.  The entire design-build process provides hands-on, practical experience involving real-world engineering issues that stress teamwork, innovation, safety, and professionalism.

Early involvement has great rewards. Please feel free to stop by any of our meetings to see what is going on. Open to all undergraduate and graduate students of any major; freshman are encouraged to come out as well. No experience is necessary and all are encouraged to join early!


There are two levels of competition: regional and national.  Regional competitions are held in conjunction with ASCE regional conferences.  Invitations to compete at the national level are extended only to the winner from a region with two, three or four participating universities, to the top two teams from a region with five to ten participating, and the top three teams from a region with eleven or more participating universities.

2015- 2016 Team

The 2015-2016 Kansas State Steel Bridge team is excited to build upon the success of past teams. It will take teamwork, creativity, and hard work to reach the team's high goals. This year's regional competition will be held in Rolla, MO and nationals will be in Provo, UT.

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2015 Results


We placed first overall at the Regional Competition held in Lawrence, Kansas.


We placed 26th out of 47 teams at the National Competition held in Kansas City, Missouri.

2014 Results


We placed third overall at the Regional Competition held in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


We placed 21st out of 49 teams at the National Competition held in Akron, Ohio.

2013 Results


We placed first overall at the Regional Competition held in Edwardsville, Illinois.


We placed 36th out of 49 teams at the National Competition held in Seattle, Washington.

2012 Results


We placed 27th out of 47 teams at the National Competition held Clemson, South Carolina.

2011 Results


We placed 25th out of 48 teams at the National Competition held in College Station, Texas.

2010 Results


We placed first overall at the Regional Competition held in Norman, Oklahoma.


We placed 23rd out of 46 teams at the National Competition held West Lafayette, Indiana.

2009 Results


We placed second overall at the Regional Competition held in Carbonadle, Illinois.


We placed 25th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2008 Results


We placed second overall at regionals at the University of Arkansas.


We placed 14th out of the 43 North American teams at Gainesville, Florida.


Official ASCE/AISC Student steel bridge competition website: Official Site

Current copy of the rules: Rules

Competition Guide: Guide

Clarifications: Clarify


Kansas State University – Student Governing Association

Kansas State University – College of Engineering

Kansas State University – Department of Civil Engineering

Kansas State University Transportation Center

The Monarch Cement Company

Wildcat Construction Inc.

Bartlett and West Engineers

Sloan, Meyer, and Hancock Consultants

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

Constellation Design Group

Salina Steel Supply Inc.

Advanced Manufacturing Institute

Domino's Pizza

Individual Sponsors

CE Advisory Council
Dr. Hayder Rasheed
Dr. Jacob Najjar
Dr. Mustaque Hossain
Dr. Sunanda Dissanayake
Dr. David Steward
Dr. Asad Esmaeily
Dr. Bob and Anita Peterman
Bob Thorn
Dave Karnowski
Bruce and Jeane Johnson
Dennis Handke


Alan Armour
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Dr. Hayder Rasheed
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