Officer List

American Society of Civil Engineers Officers - Spring 2015

The officers are a critical aspect of our student chapter.  The officers have tasks ranging from organizing meetings to planning picnics to designing this webpage.

ASCE Activity Report HERE

President - Claudia Gonzalez

Claudia oversees all of the other officers and runs all the meetings.
Vice President - Yadira Porras

Yadira arranges all of the speakers for our meetings and sets up the Joint Dinner each semester

Treasurer - Seth Heronemus

Seth is in charge of all of the money coming in and leaving our chapter. If you need to purchase a membership or FE review manual don't forget to see Jacob at the next assembly.

Secretary - Bryan Harkrader

Bryan collects those note cards you fill out at assembly and gives you credit for attending the assemblies. Don’t forget to check your assembly credits on KSU Online.

Editor/Historian - Brett Morey
Brett takes pictures at all of the ASCE events, makes the newsletter for each assembly, and runs the website.
Freshman/Sophomore Rep - Chad Olney
Chad Olney coordinates all of the activities for freshmen and sophomores.

Activities Chair - Mary Madden and Caleb Mitchell
Mary and Caleb are in charge of scheduling, planning, and running ASCE social activities. They also are in charge of finding, scheduling, and organizing a special project for the semester.
Graduate Student Representative - James Scott
James is ready to answer any questions that you may have about grad school or any other general questions about the civil engineering department.

Open House Chairs - Benjamin Nye, Koby Slaven, George Baker

They are in charge of organizing the open house displays for the civil engineering department. If you would like to help out, just let them know.


Steel Bridge Chairs - Eric Hamilton and Donald Powers

They are in charge of the steel bridge competition. To learn more visit Steel Bridge's link on the side tab.

Concrete Canoe Chairs - Jacquelyn Ewald and Darren Meyer

Jacquelyn and Darren are in charge of the concrete canoe competition for our chapter. To learn more visit their link on the side tab.