CE 015

Important Notes: 1) All Civil Engineering Undergraduate Students should enroll in this course every semester. If you have not yet enrolled in the course you must speak to Mrs. Sue Wells in the CE Office for assistance. 2) For assemblies, you need to be on time. If later than 10 minutes, you will not earn the related credit. 3) You can check your credit on CANVAS 3 days after an event or assembly. If missing a credit, you have up to 10 days after the related event or assembly to contact the ASCE Officer to correct it. After 10 days no request will be accepted.


     Dr. Asad Esmaeily
     Professor of Civil Engineering
     Phone: (785)-532-6063
     Email: asad@ksu.edu 

     Dr. Mustaque Hossain
     Professor of Civil Engineering
     Phone: (785) 532-1576
     Email: mustak@k-state.edu  

Course Description

       CE 015 is like any other required course that all of the civil engineering students should take every semester enrolled as a civil engineering student. This course provides social activities and opportunities to develop leadership skills through involvement in the Kansas State University chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).  CE 015 is a required, 0 credit hour course.

       Civil Engineering Assembly, sponsored by Kansas State University chapter of ASCE provides a broad introduction to the civil engineering profession.  Topics covered include career opportunities in civil engineering, professional and ethical responsibilities of the engineer, the importance of professional licensure and the need for lifelong learning and continuing education.  (see the schedule)


This semester, we will be implementing the "point system". 

  1. CE students are required to have 6 points by the end of each semester. Points can be obtained by attending assemblies (1 point each), purchasing an ASCE student membership (1 point), participating in an activity (1 point), joining a club or organization within the department (1-2 points depending on involvement), or helping with Open House (Spring only).
  2. Students must meet a minimum of 3 points from assemblies alone. There is no maximum on the number of assemblies they can attend.

The requirements above must be met every semester in order to receive credit for CE 015. Failure to do so may require a student to complete a 10 page paper for every point that the student is lacking.       

*Following is the list of activities:

1.       ASCE Concrete Canoe Team

2.       ASCE Steel Bridge Team

3.       Engineers Without Borders

4.       College of Engineering Open House

5.       “Other” activities as approved by the course instructors

Please note that students must be on time and have their Wildcat ID Card swiped (or turn in a signature card at the assembly) to receive credit for attendance. 

In order to be an ASCE Student Chapter Member, you must:
1. Sign up as a National Member (free)

2. Pay KSU Chapter Dues (talk to KSU Chapter Treasurer)

What if I don’t attend enough assembly meetings to receive credit? 

       Students are required to earn credit for the CE 015 course each semester enrolled as a civil engineering student. Students who do not meet the aforesaid requirements will receive no-credit for the class for the semester and a hold will be placed on their KSIS account until credit is earned. The only way to make up this credit is to write a ten page research paper for each seminar missed during the semester. The topic for the paper must be approved in advance by a course instructor. Topics typically cover technical aspects of civil engineering that are of interest to the student.

Paper Requirements

The paper must be written by the student and submitted in electronic format (like: WORD and PDF). Any quote from references should be clearly marked and cited (referenced). All of the sources cited in your paper should be listed in the list of references and all of the sources listed as reference should have been cited in the paperPlagiarism is a violation of university academic honesty found on the course syllabus and: http://www.k-state.edu/honor. Please see the statement of "Academic Honesty" in the course syllabus and related information at http://www.k-state.edu/honor. Other requirements are:

1) 10 pages     2) Double-spaced     3) 1” margins       4) 12 point font

5) Cover page and reference page that do not count towards 10 pages

6) At least 3 references from current journals or industry periodicals

7) Standard referencing format – either “name and date” or “numerical” method is allowed

8) Not submitted previously for a class assignment

To learn more, please see the CE 015 course syllabus and CE 015 Policies.