CE 015

CE 015 Requirements Have Changed - Please Read Below


Important Notes:

  1. All Civil Engineering Undergraduate Students should enroll in this course every semester. If you have not yet enrolled in the course you must speak to Mrs. Sue Wells in the CE Office for assistance.
  2. For assemblies, you need to be on time and have your Wildcat ID Card swiped (or turn in a signature card at the assembly) to receive credit for attendance. If later than 10 minutes, you will not earn the related credit.
  3. You can check your credit on Canvas 3 days after an event or assembly. If you're missing a credit, you have up to 10 days after the related event or assembly to contact the ASCE Officer to correct it. After 10 days no request will be accepted.


Dr. Mustaque Hossain
Professor and Department Head
2123 Fiedler Hall
Phone: (785) 532–1576
Email: mustak@k-state.edu

Dr. Scott D. Schiff
Teaching Professor
2113 Fiedler Hall
Phone: (785) 532–1583
Email: scottdschiff@k-state.edu

Course Description:

       CE 015 is like any other required course that all civil engineering students should take every semester enrolled as a civil engineering student. This course provides social activities and opportunities to develop leadership skills through involvement in the Kansas State University chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). CE 015 is a required, 0 credit hour course.

       Civil Engineering Assembly, sponsored by Kansas State University chapter of ASCE provides a broad introduction to the civil engineering profession. Topics covered include career opportunities in civil engineering, professional and ethical responsibilities of the engineer, the importance of professional licensure and the need for lifelong learning and continuing education. (see the schedule)


Updated for Spring 2018

CE students are required to earn 5 points by the end of each semester. Points must be obtained in the following way:

  1. 3 points from assemblies – There will only be four assemblies offered this semester. It is mandatory to attend three of the four assemblies, so plan accordingly.
  2. 1 point from an activity or departmental organization – This can include ASCE sponsored events or involvement in the activities listed below.
  3. 1 point from a community service event - This must be an ASCE organized or approved event. There will be multiple opportunities to participate. See the list below.

Note: You may purchase an ASCE student membership to fulfill the 1 point activity OR 1 point community service requirement. Purchasing a membership cannot be applied to earning assembly points.

The requirements above must be met every semester in order to receive credit for CE 015. Failure to do so may require a student to complete a 10 page paper for every point that the student is lacking (specific requirements are described further down).

Activities which satisfy the activity requirement:

  1. ASCE Concrete Canoe Team
  2. ASCE Steel Bridge Team
  3. Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
  4. Chi Epsilon Initiate
  5. College of Engineering Open House
  6. "Other" activities as approved by the course instructors

Events which satisfy the community service requirement:

  1. ASCE Adopt-A-Highway 
  2. EWB Urban Farming
  3. More to be announced

Chapter Membership

There are many benefits of maintaining membership in your profession's professional organization. For civil engineers, ASCE provides networking opportunities, career development, technical resources, and a variety of discounts. To learn more about ASCE membership and the numerous benefits of joining as a student (which is free) visit their website here.

To become a member of the K-State ASCE Student Chapter, you must:

  1. Register as a national member on the ASCE website (free).
  2. Speak to our chapter treasurer to sign-up and pay chapter dues.

Incomplete Point Requirements

"What if I don't earn enough points to receive credit for CE 015?"

       Students are required to earn credit for the CE 015 course each semester enrolled as a civil engineering student. Students who do not meet the aforesaid requirements will receive no-credit for the class for the semester and a hold will be placed on their KSIS account until credit is earned. The only way to make up this credit is to write a ten page research paper for each point missed during the semester. The topic for the paper must be approved in advance by a course instructor. Topics typically cover technical aspects of civil engineering that are of interest to the student.

Paper Requirements

       The paper must be written by the student and submitted in electronic format (Word and PDF). Any quote from references should be clearly marked and cited (referenced). All sources cited in your paper should be listed in the list of references and all of the sources listed as reference should have been cited in the paper. Plagiarism is a violation of university academic honesty. Please see the statement of "Academic Honesty" and related information in the course syllabus and at http://www.k-state.edu/honor. Other requirements are:

  1. 10 pages
  2. Double-spaced
  3. 1" margins
  4. 12 point font
  5. Cover page and reference page (does not count towards the 10 pages)
  6. At least 3 references from current journals or industry periodicals
  7. Standard referencing format – either “name and date” or “numerical” method is allowed
  8. Not submitted previously for a class assignment

To learn more, please see the CE 015 course syllabus and CE 015 Policies.

K-State ASCE Chapter Constitution

Article I. Name Section


The name of this Chapter association shall be the American Society of Civil Engineers and the ASCE Kansas State University Student Chapter. To be known in a short-form as ASCE, and referred to as the Chapter in this document.

Article II. Objectives Section

2.01 Chapter Objectives

The objectives of the Chapter shall be to advance the science and profession of engineering by encouraging the development of students' professional consciousness and by exposing them to the field of engineering. This association will also promote a spirit of unity by providing an opportunity for students to become acquainted with each other and practice working together effectively. This document shall act as a fundamental Chapter Constitution and as active ByLaws to govern Chapter business.

Article III. Membership

Section 3.01 Qualifications for Membership

(a) Eligible members of this Chapter shall be students enrolled at Kansas State University.

Section 3.02 Active Membership

(a) Active membership is established upon payment of Chapter dues.
(b) Active membership is maintained by attending a minimum of three General Chapter Meetings as well as demonstrating involvement in organizations equivalent to three additional General Chapter Meetings. Approved organizations include Chi Epsilon, Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe, Geo-Wall and Engineers Without Borders.
(c) Active membership can be reinstated during a semester by attending one or more General Meetings specified by the Chapter Officers as necessary.
(d) Active membership shall be reviewed following every semester.

Section 3.03 Active Member Privileges

(a) Active members are eligible to participate in any or all competitions at Chapter, Regional or National Level.
(b) Active members will receive invitations to all Chapter sponsored events.
(c) Active members are included on all available e-mail list-serves.
(d) Active members will receive National ASCE membership through the Chapter.

Section 3.04 Member Non-Discrimination Policy

The established policy of the Board of Regents prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, physical handicap or disability, status as a Vietnam Era Veteran, sexual orientation or other factors which cannot be lawfully considered, within the state universities. All fraternal and campus related organizations shall follow this policy in the selection of their members, except the prohibition against sex discrimination shall not apply to social fraternities or sororities which are excluded from the application of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (20 U.S.C. Sec. 1681 et seq.). The right of organizations to establish standards for membership is acknowledged, provided that all students are afforded equal opportunity to meet those standards. Just as all students have the right to choose those with whom they would associate on the campus, an organization shall have the right to select its members subject to these principles. Nothing in this policy shall be interpreted as imposing a requirement which would violate the principle of selection on the basis of individual merit.

Article IV. Chapter Dues

Section 4.01

The Chapter dues of ASCE shall be $10.00 per semester, $15.00 per year, or $50.00 for four years.

Section 4.02

Payment entitles members to all active membership privileges for duration of membership, and must be paid on or before a date designated by the Chapter Officers.

Article VI. Chapter Officers

Section 6.01

The Officers of this Chapter shall be: President, Vice President, Concrete Canoe Captain, Steel Bridge Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor/Historian, Special Activities Chair, Community Service Chair, Open House Chairs, and Freshman/Sophomore Representative.

Section 6.02

The President shall be a student having completed at least two years of undergraduate studies and an active member in the three semesters prior to assuming office.

Section 6.03

The Vice President shall be a student having completed at least two years of undergraduate studies and an active member in the two semesters prior to assuming office.

Section 6.04

The Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge Captains shall be students having completed at least two years of undergraduate studies and be active members of the design team for at least two semesters prior to assuming office.

Section 6.05

The Secretary, Treasurer, Editor/Historian, Special Activities Chair, Community Service Chair, and Open House Chairs shall be undergraduate students and no prior experience shall be required.

Section 6.06

The Freshman/Sophomore Representative shall be an undergraduate student in the second semester of study and an active member for at least one semester prior to assuming office.

Article VII. Officer Elections

Section 7.01

Nominations for Officer positions may be made by any active member during a meeting at which Officer nominations has been designated. The nominee must accept the nomination in order to be considered a candidate.

Section 7.02

Following nominations, the following positions shall be elected by secret ballot or by 2/3 majority vote via a show of hands: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian.

Section 7.03

Based on ability and leadership, Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge Captains shall be elected by a consensus of active team members and/or appointed by the previous Captains.

Section 7.04

Ballots shall be distributed to and collected from the active members or a show of hands may be used to count votes. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes for each respective office shall be elected for the following academic semester.

Section 7.05

If no election is held, active members can volunteer for each position and be appointed by a consensus of active members in attendance.

Section 7.06

Officers shall hold office until their successors are duly elected and qualified.

Article VIII. Officer Duties

Section 8.01

If any Officer does not perform his/her duties as outlined in the Chapter Constitution or in a manner that does not merit respect from the other Officers or the Chapter membership, they can be removed from office. A 2/3 majority vote by the Officers or the active members is required to remove an Officer. The Officer's removal vote can be appealed by a majority vote of active members. A majority vote of the active members cannot be appealed.

Section 8.02

If any Officer cannot fulfill such duties as attending General or Officer Meetings or activities specified in their duties, they shall notify and appoint another Officer or member to serve in their place.

Section 8.03 Faculty Advisor

(a) A faculty advisor shall be appointed in accordance with National ASCE policies.
(b) The faculty advisor shall be included in at least half of Officer Meetings and shall vote in all Officer matters.
(c) Shall act as a mediator and tiebreaker in all votes.

Section 8.04

President (a) Shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and shall perform other duties that are incumbent in such an office. These duties shall include, but are not limited to: (b) Shall announce the time and location of all General Meetings. (c) Shall prepare a meeting agenda in coordination with other Officers. (d) Shall promptly bring the meeting to order. (e) Shall maintain charge and order of meetings. (f) Shall politely acknowledge input from all members. (g) Shall ace as Chapter representative to the Kansas State University administration and Student Government. (h) Shall act as Kansas State University ASCE Representative at ASCE Kansas Section Board of Directors Meetings. (i) Shall organize and preside over regular "Officers' Meetings" to plan activities, meetings, and all general functions of the Chapter. (j) Shall remain accessible to all members regarding the organization and administration of the Chapter. (k) Shall act as a neutral moderator of Officer election proceedings. If the President is running for office, an Officer not running for office shall moderate elections. (l) Shall keep an updated list of activities of the Chapter as delegated to the Vice President and be responsible that they are completed. (m) Shall prepare and submit the Annual Report of the Chapter every February to the National ASCE Society with the assistance of the Secretary. (n) Shall delegate Officers or members to assist in performing above listed tasks.

Section 8.05

Vice President (a) Shall act as Chapter representative in all activities and shall perform other duties that are incumbent in such an office. These duties include, but are not limited to: (b) Shall attend all General Meetings. (c) Shall provide a short update at regular Chapter Meetings. (d) Shall provide regular information updates to members about upcoming activities or deadlines. (e) Shall organize and coordinate all plans for the joint dinner with the Student Chapters of ASCE for the University of Kansas and Benedictine College. (f) Shall act as Chapter Representative and organize Chapter participation in Engineering Week (E-Week) activities. (g) Shall contact and organize Speakers for General Meetings. (h) Shall delegate Officers or members to assist in performing above listed tasks.

Section 8.07

Design Team Captains: Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge (a) Shall attend all General Meetings and shall perform duties that are incumbent in such an office. These duties shall include, but are not limited to any responsibilities delegated by the President and General Vice President (b) Shall provide a short project update at regular Chapter Meetings. (c) Shall be responsible for all matters concerning respective projects. This includes the organization of Team Meetings, preparation of budget proposal, delegation of tasks concerning the specified project to active members, and competition coordination.

Section 8.08

Secretary (a) Shall keep a record of all transactions of the Chapter and shall perform other duties that are incumbent in such an office. These duties shall include but are not limited to: (b) Shall attend all Chapter and Officer Meetings. (c) Shall keep Chapter archives of all members, meetings, and activities. (d) Shall document proceedings at all Chapter meetings and present accurate Minutes to all active members through e-mail or the Chapter Website. (e) Shall review the membership and determine active member status at the end of each semester or at any time when warranted. (f) Shall notify any member that does not maintain active membership and may become inactive. (g) Shall maintain attendance or Chapter Meetings by active members. (h) Shall assist the President in preparing the Annual Report. (i) Shall delegate Officers or members to assist in performing above listed tasks.

Section 8.09

Treasurer (a) Shall take charge of all funds belonging to the Chapter and shall perform duties that are incumbent in such an office. These duties shall include, but are not limited to: (b) Shall attend all Chapter and Officer Meetings. (c) Shall collect all Chapter dues. (d) Shall organize the proper disbursement of Chapter funds. (e) Prepare and maintain a Chapter budget. (f) Shall annually prepare proposals to the Office of Student Involvement, College of Engineering, and the Civil Engineering Department for the Chapter to receive funding. (g) Shall organize all funding from external sources, documenting all donations to the Chapter, and working with the Vice President to coordinate Fundraising documentation. (h) Shall organize the collection of all payments from members for participation in trips or conferences. (i) Shall provide a central location where reimbursements to active members can be collected and documented to these funding accounts. (j) Shall maintain records of membership for all active members. (k) Shall organize Chapter Fundraising efforts. (l) Shall delegate Officers or members to assist in performing above listed tasks.

Section 8.10

Historian (a) Shall take charge of all publication and archives belonging to the Chapter and shall perform other duties that are incumbent in such an office. These duties shall include, but are not limited to: (b) Shall attend all Chapter and Officer Meetings. (c) Shall visually document all Chapter activities. (d) Shall maintain the Chapter's history and archives. (e) Shall update the Chapter website on a regular basis and archive all Secretary Minutes. (f)Shall delegate Officers or members to assist in performing above listed tasks.

Section 8.11

Special Activities Chair (a) Shall plan the biannual picnic or bowling event, including location of the event, food preparation, inviting members of professional societies, and delegating tasks as necessary. (b) Shall find and plan professional society events to attend. (c) Shall plan tours or projects related to the field of civil engineering.

Section 8.12

Community Service Chair (a) Shall find and/or plan a civil engineering related semester or year long community service project for the Chapter to participate in. (b) Shall schedule pre-college outreach activities in the surrounding community.

Section 8.13

Open House Chairs (a) Shall be responsible for the Civil Engineering Department's representation at the annual Engineering Open House. (b) Shall attend all Steel Ring meetings in both Fall and Spring semesters. (c) Shall prepare required reports to Steel Ring in a timely manner. (d) Shall find volunteers from the Civil Engineering Department to create displays that represent related work to the Civil Engineering Field. (e) Shall be responsible for writing the skit.

Section 8.14

Freshman/Sophomore Representative (a) Shall hang the Chapter ASCE flag on meeting days. (b) Shall coordinate the faculty spotlights to be included in the Chapter newsletter. (c) Shall represent the Chapter at Engineering Student Council Meetings. (d) Shall plan new student outreach events in the fall semester.

Article IX. Amendments

Section 9.01

An amendment to this constitution may be proposed by presenting to the Chapter Secretary a proposal stating the desired amendment and must have the unanimous support of the Chapter Officers. This proposal shall then be read at the next regular meeting. A sixty percent majority vote of the active membership of the Chapter shall be required for adoption.

Article X. Department Influence Section


The sponsoring Department of the College of Engineering has final say in matters of the Chapter.