Fall 2017 Schedule





August 31

Assembly -

ABET and FE: Dean Clark

CE Tracks;  Dr. Rasheed, Dr. Fitzsimmons, and Dr. Parameswaran

Umberger 105 7:00 PM
September 7

Assembly -

Dean Dawson; CE Concentrations, Dr. Steward

Umberger 105 7:00 PM
September 28

Assembly -

KDOT; Aaron Frits

Umberger 105 7:00 PM
October 2

ASCE Activity - Bowling

K-State Union 7:00 PM
October 9

Career Spotlight- BHC Rhodes

DUE 1109 4:30 PM
October 19

Green Roof Tour


Engineering Hall 1109 4:00 PM
October 26

Assembly - 

Army Corps of Engineers; Mary Madden 

Umberger 105 7:00 pm
November 6

Joint Dinner

K-State Union

KS Ballroom

6:00 PM
November 9

Assembly -

Stantec; Art Umble

Umberger 105 7:00 PM
November 30

Assembly - 

Senior Presentations

Umberger 105 7:00 PM

*Steel Bridge

*Concrete Canoe

*Engineers Without Borders

*Chi Epsilon Initiate

*ASCE Student Membership

updated: 11/11/17 (AW)

Schedule is subject to change

This semester, we will be implementing the "point system". 

  1. CE students are required to have 6 points by the end of each semester. Points can be obtained by attending assemblies (1 point each), purchasing an ASCE student membership (1 point), participating in an activity (1 point), joining a club or organization within the department (1-2 points depending on involvement), or helping with Open House (Spring only).
  2. Students must meet a minimum of 3 points from assemblies alone. There is no maximum on the number of assemblies they can attend.

The requirements above must be met every semester in order to receive credit for CE 015. Failure to do so may require a student to complete a 10 page paper for every point that the student is lacking.


  • *   Denotes that this event counts towards your assembly credits
  • Crossed out line(s) denotes past event(s)