Fall 2016 Schedule





*September 1

Assembly (At 6:15 pm ASCE will be hosting a freshman Social)

Umberger 105 7:00 PM
*September 12 Anne DeLuca from the Career Center will do a hands-on resume building workshop for our students before the career fair. Fiedler 1093 3:30 PM
*September 15 Assembly Umberger 105 7:00 PM
*September 29 Assembly (with CE Department Head Annual Report) Umberger 105 7:00 PM
*October 4 Picnic (must attend for an hour to count towards an assembly credit) Goodnow Park 5:30 - 8:00 PM
*October 6 Assembly (Speaker, Dr. Harik, University of Kentucky, CE Department, Topic: History of Civil and Bridge Engineering) Umberger 105 7:00 PM
**October 11

Emily Koochel from Powercat Financial will come speak to our students regarding budgeting and   other very useful financial information.

Fiedler 1093

3:30 PM

*October 20 Assembly, Speaker: Chris E. Covert, CE (MS '73 and MS '76), President of North West Redwater Partnership) Umberger 105 7:00 PM
**November 9 Kodee Walls from Counseling Services will come speak to our students about stress relief related to mid-terms and finals, as well as do some hands-on activities. Fiedler 1093 3:30 PM
**November 9 ASCE Joint Dinner Student Union, Ballroom K-S 7:00 PM
*November 10 Assembly, Ben Gasper Umberger 105 7:00 PM
*December 8 Assembly, Senior Presentations Umberger 105 7:00 PM

**Steel Bridge

**Concrete Canoe

*ASCE Student Membership

upated: 12/13/16 (AE)

Schedule is subject to change


  • *   Denotes that this event counts towards your assembly credits
  • ** Denotes that this event can count as an activity credit
  • Crossed out line(s) denotes past event(s)