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Academic Success Center


The Academic Success Center facilitates experiences that support student success in engineering. We create innovative programs that meet the needs of a wide spectrum of students in transition. We collaborate with students to address their unique needs, valuing individual achievements, concerns and goals. Our student-centered approach supports a paradigm shift on campus toward a learning-centered environment that engages students in academic and co-curricular activities.


Through its collaborative focus and student-centered approach, the Academic Success Center (ASC) advocates for students and supports them in developing their individual strengths and negotiating the challenges they encounter in realizing their potential as educated members of society. The ASC fulfills this mission by offering dynamic services including tutoring, mentoring, learning centers, first-year instruction, academic advising and career awareness.


The College of Engineering’s Academic Success Center (ASC) is lighting the way for student success now and in the future. For many first-year students, managing schedules, finances and academics can be overwhelming; hence, the primary goal of the ASC is to give students an individualized option with the mentors, advisers and training that will empower them to have a successful experience throughout college and beyond.

The ASC staff provides academic advising for first-year and returning students to strengthen and improve upon their progress. The ASC also gives engineering students one-stop access to peer-to-peer tutoring, alumni mentoring, first-year instruction and diversity support programs, all designed to promote student success. These initiatives have been developed to welcome, empower and encourage students to reach their fullest potential. By providing a sense of belonging, the ASC staff help students navigate the pressures of college life and earn their degree.

With group study stations, computer workstations, conference rooms, team building areas and multimedia flex rooms, the associated facilities have been developed to continually reinforce the discipline of working in a team setting. This teamwork modality helps ensure that students are fully prepared to join the rapidly changing workforce after graduation.

The ASC also offers workshops on topics such as study skills, time management, engineering careers and internships. The center’s Collaborative Learning Laboratory serves as home to the innovative Scholars Assisting Scholars (SAS) program, which hires upper-level students to tutor their peers, while also developing their own teaching and leadership skills.


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