Vision & Planning Themes

College of Engineering Mission Statement

The College of Engineering serves the citizens of Kansas, the nation, and the world by providing world-class educational, research, and service programs where students and faculty can develop in their chosen disciplines and advance as successful leaders and professionals.

College of Engineering Vision Statement

The Kansas State University College of Engineering will be a highly ranked college providing quality education within a research environment that develops engineering leaders to benefit society.

College of Engineering Strategic Planning Themes

  1. Recruit and retain diverse academic achievers from both inside and outside Kansas to produce graduates who will take the lead in generating technological solutions for and new knowledge about tomorrow's challenges.
  2. Provide outstanding and diverse faculty and technological facilities so students receive quality teaching and advising, enabling them to become problem solvers, leaders, and critical thinkers highly sought after by universities, industry, and the government.
  3. Establish focused, high-impact, nationally recognized research programs and build a prominent faculty that will enhance the college's national and international reputation.
  4. Establish lifelong connections with alumni and capitalize on this network, corporate partnerships, and related research/scholarship within the college to strengthen the education experience, research/scholarship quality, and financial support of the college.
  5. Prepare students and faculty for the changing global environment to create a culture of diversity, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  6. Disseminate new knowledge to a global society and the citizens of Kansas to meet the land-grant mission.