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College of Engineering

History of the College

1862Morrill Act signed by President Abraham Lincoln
1863Provisions of the Act accepted by state of Kansas
1863 Kansas State Agricultural College opened
1884 Drawing and applied mechanics offered for the first time
1886 Ozni P. Hood comes to K-State as superintendent of shops
1890 Second Morrill Act approved
1891 Machine shop added to shop building at southwest corner
1893 Descriptive geometry offered for the first time
1894 Provision made for heating campus buildings by steam
1894 Electric lighting installations begins
1897 Administrative upheaval; Thomas E. Will elected president of the college
1897 Apprentice courses organized in the shops
1897 Four year professional course organized in the shops
1897 Elementary mechanics, hydraulics, machine design, and advanced machine design, mechanics of materials, measurement of power and engineering laboratory, and engineering of power plants introduced.
1897 O.P. Hood resigns
1897 Joseph D. Harper joins engineering faculty
1899 Ernest R. Nichols becomes president, Kansas State Agricultural College
1899 Electrical Engineering curriculum added
1900 Extensive additions made to shops
1902 Denison Hall built for chemistry, physics and electrical engineering
1904 Architecture added to curriculum
1905 Addition to wood shop
1907 Civil engineering curriculum established
1908 South wing of mechanics hall added
1908 Position of Dean of Mechanics Arts created; E.B. McCormick named first dean
1909 H.J. Waters elected president, Kansas State Agricultural College
1909 Bill Introduced in Kansas legislature with provisions for transferring all engineering work to KU
1910 Engineering Experiment Station established
1910 Mechanical engineering divided into applied mechanics and hydraulics; mechanical drawing and machine design; power and experimental engineering; shop methods and practices; and steam and gas engineering.
1911 East wing of mechanical engineering hall (Seaton) completed
1912 College organized into divisions including Division of Engineering
1913 A.A. Potter named acting dean of engineering
1913 Department of steam and gas engineering dissolved
1913 Agricultural engineering (farm machinery) curriculum mentioned in catalog
1915 Farm machinery courses transferred from Agronomy to Engineering to form beginnings of an agricultural engineering department.
1915 First issue, KSAC Engineer
1916 Flour mill engineering course offered
1917 Waters resigns; J.T. Willard named acting president for a two-month period
1918 William M. Jardine named president, Kansas State Agricultural College
1918 College shops expanded to provide technical mechanical training to the military
1918 Dean A.A. Potter works half-time for KSAC, half-time for thar Department
1918 Six wooden buildings erected for students' army training corps
1920 Potter resigns to become dean of engineering at Purdue University
1920 Roy A. Seaton named dean
1920 Engineer's Day held - forerunner of Open House
1921 Central and west wing of mechanics arts building (Seaton Hall) completed
1921 "K" constructed on Prospect Hill
1923 Dairy department building reassigned and renamed "Chemical Engineering Hall"
1924 Landscape architecture, chemical engineering curricula added
1925 Architectural engineering curriculum added
1925 Jardine resigns; F.D. Farrell named president
1930 "S" added to Prospect Hill
1931 Name changed to Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science
1933 Flour mill engineering dissolved; replaced by milling industry curriculum
1937 Landscape architecture curriculum dissolved
1937 Industrial arts program established
1941 Seaton to Washington to organize war training effort nation-wide
1941 Defense training courses initiated
1943 Milton Eisenhower named president
1949 Seaton becomes building expediter
1949 M.A. Durland named dean of engineering
1950 James A. McCain named president, Kansas State College
1953 Extension of west wing of engineering building
1954 Seaton retires; moves to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Institute of Technology
1954 Shop practice converted to industrial engineering and industrial arts
1955 Engineering building named "Seaton Hall' by President McCain
1956 Machine design discontinued
1957 Agricultural engineering wing completed
1958 Nuclear engineering established; William R. Kimel named first department head
1958 Industrial arts program dissolved
1960 Industrial engineering and industrial arts shortened to "industrial engineering"
1961 Durland retires as dean; returns to teaching
1961 John Shupe named acting dean
1963Institute for Environmental Research completed; Ralph Nevins named first director
1963Paul Russell named dean
1963 College of Architecture and Design is formed; Architectural engineering and construction join the new college
1966 Engineering lecture hall remodeled
1967 Ralph G. Nevins named dean
1972 Ward Hall (nuclear engineering) dedicated
1973Donald E. Rathbone named dean
1974 Architectural engineering and construction science rejoin the college of engineering
1975 Applied mechanics disbanded
1975 Duane C. Acker named president, Kansas State University
1975 Engineering technology and architectural engineering and construction science added
1975 Seaton Hall remodeling projects completed
1976 Durland Hall, Phase I completed
1976 Undesignated Ph.D. program initiated
1977 Shop areas remodeled; renamed Seaton Court
1980 Kansas Engineering Extension Service formed
1983 Durland Hall, Phase II completed
1985 Electrical engineering name changed to electrical and computer engineering
1986 Jon Wefald named president
1991Engineering technology programs merged with the Kansas College of Technology in Salina, creating the K-State at Salina College of Technology and Aviation
1993 Computing and Information Sciences join the college
1994 Manufacturing engineering started and named changed to industrial and manufacturing systems engineering
1994 Agricultural engineering named changed to biological and agricultural engineering
1994 Civil engineering and biological and agricultural engineering offer an option in environmental engineering
1997 Durland Hall, Phase II renamed Rathbone Hall
1997 Terry S. King named dean
1997Undergraduate programs of mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering merged to become the department of mechanical engineering with a nuclear engineering option
2000Fiedler Hall and Library completed, a 75,000-square-foot addition to the Engineering Complex
2006Richard R. Gallagher named interim dean
2007John R. English named dean
2009Kirk Schulz named president