The Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research Center
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Hazardous Substance Research Bibliography

Compiled by Douglas Bates and Nancy H. Donoghue


Shortly after the Hazardous Substance Research Center (HSRC) was established at Kansas State University, Farrell Library, also at K-State, was designated as the repository for materials produced by the HSRC. The Documents Librarian at Farrell Library was given the task of collecting these materials and making them available to the public. It was also decided that the Documents Librarian would collect other relevant materials not produced by the HSRC, such as EPA Reports, State documents, NTIS Documents, etc.
This bibliography is a listing of material that has been submitted to or collected by the Documents Librarian. The bibliography also lists books and materials that have been acquired by the Library through regular acquisition channels, i.e. book suppliers, periodical subscriptions, etc.

The material that comes through the Documents unit and appears in this bibliography is treated in one of three ways:

  1. If the material is substantial, judged to have broad applicability, is a video tape, or is an official publication of the HSRC, it is entered into the bibliography and then routed to cataloging to be included into the main library collection.
  2. If the material is a government document with a Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) number or an NTIS document with an NTIS number, it is entered into the bibliography and added to Farrell Library's U.S. Federal Documents or NTIS Collection.
  3. If the material is less substantial in nature or is a government document without a SuDocs number, it is entered into the bibliography and given an accession number that is the same as its record number in the bibliography.

Access to the Material

If you can come to the library personally, check the last line of the bibliography entry for the call number of the item. If the last line says "See OPAC" then that item has been added to the main collection and the On-Line Public Access Catalog called "LYNX" should be consulted for a call number to the item. If the last line has a number like "31", then that document is kept near the Documents office and a member of the Documents staff may be consulted for assistance. All other numbers are Superintendent of Documents numbers and the items can be found in the documents collection of the Farrell Library.

Remote Access to the Collection

For those outside the Manhattan area who cannot visit the Library personally, items from the bibliography should be accessed through an Inter-Library Loan request using the information given in the bibliography. This can be done by visiting a local library and directing the request to Farrell Library, Kansas State University.

The bibliography is updated regularly as new items are added to the collection. New editions of the bibliography will be issued periodically. Any suggestions to improve this bibliography would be greatly appreciated. Questions and suggestions should be directed to:

Diana Farmer
Hazardous Substance Research Collection
Farrell Library
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
TEL: (785) 532-7470
FAX: (785) 532-6144

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