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E.L. Hammond, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Environmental Policy Studies Program, 728 Willow Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030 This study seeks to identify the factors, either positive or negative, that impact on cities' ability to influence the redevelopment of brownfield sites. The study will examine two cities in the northeastern United States, seeking to determine the extent that key factors play in the redevelopment process. The anticipated major factors are:

Tax relief programs. Liability relief programs. Adequacy of infrastructure at or near a site.

This study will use a structured questionnaire and structured interview to develop trends and raw data in support of the above objectives. Data will be presented in tabular form, seeking to show which factors are most important in each city, and attempting to generalize across a wider population.

The study is directly related to the development of a Brownfields Redevelopment Expert System currently under development with the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the City of Newark. Planned or potential software in the model includes VISITT (EPA model), and other commercial packages for cost estimation.

Key words: brownfields, redevelopment, economics

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