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W.B. Lindsey, SCS Engineers, 1949 E. Sunshine, Suite 1-205, Springfield MO 65804 This presentation describes the use of a mobile, dual-phase extraction technology at two former service station locations in Kansas. We will evaluate its impact upon free product thickness and ground water petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations. The quantities of free product, impacted ground water, and petroleum hydrocarbons removed by the extraction technology will be summarized and a comparison of ground water petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations and free product thicknesses before and after the extraction events will also be discussed.

SCS Engineers (SCS) subcontracted with a proprietary dual-phase extraction subcontractor to perform three, 8-hour-long events at each site. The subcontractor uses a truck mounted high-pressure, high-flow vacuum truck; vacuum hoses that are connected to each well; and a well head stinger pipe which is placed in the wells. The patented stinger pipe design consists of a 1-inch diameter PVC pipe with small slots cut along the length of the pipe for removal of ground water and soil vapors. A high air flow (over 3,000 cubic feet per minute) and high vacuum (25 to 30 inches of mercury) are used to remove petroleum-impacted ground water, free phase product, and vapors.

Key words: dual phase extraction, ground water, petroleum, hydrocarbons

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