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Thursday, May 22, 1997

Biofilms and Barriers Kansa A



M.V.S. Bonala and L.N. Reddi, Civil Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 66506 Current design criteria for soil filters in geo-technical engineering are based on mechanical principles of straining alone without any physicochemical considerations. Transport and deposition of colloidsize particles in the subsurface are influenced by pore fluid composition.

It is essential to design filters in contaminated environment, such as those for leachate collection systems and treatment wall barriers, with due considerations of the pore fluid composition.

In this presentation, the impact of changes in pore fluid composition on soil filter clogging is assessed with the help of a mathematical model. The role of pore fluid composition in soil filter clogging is studied by evaluating its effect on the erodibility of base soils, size of migrating particles, and on the likelihood of particle deposition.

The results suggest that pore fluid composition influences the deposition sufficiently enough to cause significant changes in pore clogging. In the cases where particles are generated from base soils, filter clogging increased at low salt concentrations but was limited by reduced erodibilities at high salt concentrations.

Key words: filters, clogging, pore fluid, particle transport, deposition.

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