Program Three
Wednesday, May 21, 1997

Nonaqueous Phase Liquids Kansa C/D



M.C. TeKrony, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 171 Davis Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854, and R.C. Ahlert, RAMS Environmental Inc., PO Box 1982, Ormond Beach, FL 32175 Sparingly soluble organic contaminants (NAPLs) spread laterally at the interface between layers of differing permeability, in porous media, due to capillary forces. Less dense (than water) substances infiltrate and become trapped at the capillary fringe. More dense substances (DNAPLs) penetrate the saturated zone after passing through the unsaturated zone. However, residual DNAPL remains trapped as discrete pendular, funicular, and capillary bodies.

Studies were designed (i) to evaluate the effects of media and fluid properties on water and DNAPL retention in unsaturated porous media and (ii) to develop a predictive retention model. Residual saturations were measured for l,l,l-Trichloro-ethane, 1,2-Dichloroethane and Chloroform in columns packed with water-wetted glass beads. Linear correlations were demonstrated for specific retention in terms of particle size, interfacial tension, fluid densities, and Bond Number. Residual saturation of mixed glass beads, sands, and soils should be approximated by the resulting model. Experimental observations and model predictions are presented and discussed.

Key words: DNAPL, retention, saturation, porous media.

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