Program Three
Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Analytical Methods Kansa C/D



M.E. Wickham St. Germain, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7 Laboratory, 25 Funston Road, Kansas City, KS 66115 Manufacturers are finding alternative methods for rinsing parts and for cleaning equipment needed in process changes. By using alkaline detergents or polyglymes (i.e. polyethylene glycol), some manufacturers have eliminated or reduced the volume of solvents that they use.

Therefore, the manufacturers have reduced the RCRA-regulated waste from their facilities, and have reduced the cost of disposal of the waste. The manufacturing processes generate some foam, and the foam is not seen as problem by the manufacturers as long as it can be controlled and rinsed away.

Unfortunately, collection of samples with zero headspace is nearly impossible when several inches of foam exist above the effluent. In addition, the required analytical techniques propagate additional foaming by sparging inert gas through the sample or by vigorous shaking.

As more manufacturers switch to alkaline detergents or polyglymes, analysts will more frequently face a severe foaming problem which may contaminate analytical instruments or increase the extraction time.

This paper will present a brief summary of methods to reduce foaming in the analytical laboratory, a recent literature review on antifoam agents/defoamers, and possible application of defoamers to analytical techniques.

Key words: defoamer, analytical, volatiles, detergents, polyglymes, effluents

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