D.L. Rainey1, P.-C. Yuan1, J.W. Gentry2, and J.J. O'Connell2, 1Department of Technology & Industrial Arts, Jackson State University, PO Box 18480, Jackson, MS, 39217, and 2Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park

ABSTRACT Leachate is defined as any liquid, including any suspended components in the liquid, that has seeped, drained, or percolated through a collection system. Within the past few decades leachate collection systems have become valuable tools to scientists in the field of environmental engineering. Vertical column tests have caused collection systems to become even more advanced. They are used by researchers to serve in such capacities as laboratory models for simulating different types of transport in porous media. These two experiments consisted of: 1) various tests to study the column contact time and superficial velocity of water; 2) percolation of the tracer element, benzoic acid, through a sand compacted column. An interchangeable vertical column was constructed of piping material to serve as the testing apparatus. In the first phase, a measure of the column contact time and superficial velocity were attained by pouring one or two liters of water down the column and taking time measurements at different levels. In the second experiment, two hundred milliliters of benzoic acid and one or two liters of water depending on the size of the column were poured down the column. Samples were then taken at designated levels. The test samples were then titrated to measure the amount of base it would take to neutralize the acid.

KEYWORDS: leachate, contaminated soil, recovery, reclamation, percolation

This paper is from the Proceedings of the HSRC/WERC Joint Conference on the Environment, May 1996, published in hard copy and on the Web by the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research Center.

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