W.M. Griswold1, G.L. Godfrey1, S.C. Grant2, and P.T. Yazzie1, 1Haskell Indian Nations University, Dept. of Natural and Social Sciences, 155 Indian Ave., Box 1247, Lawrence, KS, 66046, Phone: 913-749-8498, and 2Great Plains-Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research Center, Kansas State University, 101 Ward Hall, Manhattan, KS, 66506-2502, Phone: 913-532-6519

ABSTRACT The Haskell Environmental Research Studies Center (HERS) is a center for environmental research, education, and communication for Native American colleges, universities, and tribes. Since its creation, HERS, in conjunction with the Great Plains-Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research Center (HSRC), has administered the Native American and Other Minority Institutions (NAOMI) program. The goal of the NAOMI Program is to increase the involvement of minority educational institutions in research, training, and technology transfer. The NAOMI Program will begin funding its first training project in Fall 1996. The NAOMI Program also is continuing to coordinate a Summer Cooperative Research Program. Another primary element of the NAOMI Program is a seminar program that provides education on hazardous substances and related environmental issues. Seminars are disseminated through the distribution of videotapes and satellite downlinks. The NAOMI Program also fosters education by providing funding to NAOMI faculty and students to attend the HSRC/Waste-management Education and Research Consortium's Joint Conference on the Environment. NAOMI links research, training, technology transfer, and education activities through the publication of a bi-monthly newsletter, Earth Medicine. In addition to administering the NAOMI Program, HERS coordinated an environmental technology workshop during Summer 1995. HERS has also established a working relationship with Boeing Commercial Airplane Group to provide a research and summer internship program for Haskell Indian Nations University faculty and students.

KEY WORDS: Native American, minority, research, technology transfer, hazardous substances

This paper is from the Proceedings of the HSRC/WERC Joint Conference on the Environment, May 1996, published in hard copy and on the Web by the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research Center.

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