H.R. Campos1 and P.E. Wheat2, 1Universidad de Tarapaca, Arica, Chile, and 2Department of Industrial Technology, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA, 50614, Ph: 319-273-2584, E-mail: Patrick.Wheat@UNI.EDU

ABSTRACT A model system to investigate ultrasound-enhanced removal of metallic ions from aqueous solution by hydrous ferric oxide (HFO) adsorption has been conducted. The ex-perimental data indicate that ultrasonic treatment of pre-formed HFO flocs can lead to enhanced removal of metallic ions from aqueous solution and that the level of enhancement is strongly cor-related with the solution pH. Ultrasonic treatment has been shown to be effective at lowering the final solution concentration of copper species in the pH range 7.5-9.5 at copper to iron molar con-centration ratios of 10 and 30%.

KEYWORDS: hydrous ferric oxide, iron III oxide, ultrasound, adsorption, heavy metals

This paper is from the Proceedings of the HSRC/WERC Joint Conference on the Environment, May 1996, published in hard copy and on the Web by the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research Center.

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